Quick Start guide enables you to quickly configure and run your test cases using TAGS .One sample test case is already provided with installation package.Everything is pre configured for the sample test cases.


  • Ensure all pre-requisites
  • Download the TAGS one click installer
  • Run TAGS setup file and follow steps.
  • By default TAGS will be installed under C:\TFTPL\TAGS
  • Sample Test cases and its Object Repository is already provided under TestCases and ObjectRepository folder respectively under TAGS folder.
  • Image
  • Run TAGS.exe placed at bin folder for execution of sample test cases
  • After execution results will be uploaded at Results folder under TAGS folder

How to write new Test Cases and configure the setting for execution

  • Create new Test case spreadsheet same format as of SampleTest case under TestCases folder
  • Write reusable test case in Common.xlsx file if any in same format placed under TestCases folder
  • Identify the objects (refer Element Locating Strategies in TAGS) and create new objects in ObjectRepository.xlsx file in same format placed at ObjectRepository folder
  • Mention test case id and Configure parameters.ini file accordingly and run TAGS.exe
Experience hassle free code less test automation

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